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Pitch Like A Boss

Date: 1/8/18 – 2/5/18

Location: Online

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Publishing and Career

• Regular: $80.00
• Member: $72.00

it's so easy to mistake pitching and publishing for a locked door, or to assume that if you don't live in New York, publishing opportunities aren't available to you. But most of the time, writing a pitch is just writing an email to an editor at an online publication, so why be intimidated? This four-week course will break down your pitching and publishing goals into manageable parts. We'll cover how to introduce yourself with confidence, polish your author bio and website, network effectively, craft great editorial pitches and agent queries, avoid the slush pile, negotiate like a pro, stay organized in tracking your pitches, and persevere through the inevitable self-doubt.

Offering specific pointers for every stage, we'll take a holistic, encouraging approach to pitching, with an emphasis on pitching short nonfiction (personal essays, reported pieces, interviews, reviews) to online publications. In addition to online discussions, students will receive pitch-to-byline roadmaps of personal/critical essays, detailed, experience-based tips, and suggestions of influential people and publications to follow. Each student will conference individually with the teaching artist for feedback on a query/pitch and specialized guidance for their career goals. Please note: this is a class on the business of writing, not a writing workshop.