The Writer as Reader: Active Reading and Improving Craft

Date: 1/24/18 – 3/7/18

Location: Online

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Beginning

Genre: Fiction

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• Member: $210.60

Great readers make great writers. Or so we hear in every veteran author's advice. In this class, we'll push this cliche to its limits to see what it yields. In an open, democratic environment dedicated to practicing craft-focused reading strategies and experimentation, we'll read short stories (and a few creative nonfiction essays) closely and aggressively, with an eye toward understanding how they're constructed and observing what effects authorial choices produce in us as readers.

As we study authors' uses of point of view, voice, tone, dialogue, etc., we'll experiment with each craft element through weekly exercises designed to develop an arsenal of techniques to apply to our own work, while improving our capacity for producing, evaluating, and learning from honest, respectful, and content-rich critiques.