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Now and Then: Creative Writing Using Photographs

Date: 2/14/18 – 3/28/18

Location: Online

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Creative Process

• Regular: $234.00
• Member: $210.60

"You can get there from here, though there's no going home." – Theories of Time and Space by Natasha Trethewey, former US Poet Laureate.

Photographs give us the feeling of a moment that has been "captured." Many poets and authors of fiction and creative nonfiction have worked with this metaphor, incorporating images and ideas related to photography to create a fresh perspective on time, place, and experience. In this class, students will read and analyze published poems and creative prose, and write original pieces incorporating one or more features of photography, using their own photographs or those provided.

The six units of this class address ways to incorporate the following ideas in our creative poetry and prose: time; memory, history, and place; point of view; imagery and symbolism; framing; and layers of meaning. In each unit, students look at and discuss photographs for potential images, metaphors, and symbols that can be used in writing; practice writing; discuss works by published authors; and discuss each other's written drafts in a workshop format. In weekly live chats, class members discuss photographs and published creative works in real time, to see how these works construct a way to "get there from here."