Level Up Your Writing!

Date: 7/30/18 – 8/3/18

Location: Open Book-Loft Classroom

Day of the Week: Monday;Tuesday;Wednesday;Thursday;Friday

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Ages: 9-11

Class Level: 9-11

Genre: Fiction

• Regular: $262.50
• Member: $236.25
• Low-Income: $183.75

We love to play video games, but can they also help us write fun and creative fiction? Absolutely! In this class for beginning writers, we'll look to games like Minecraft, Journey, and The Legend of Zelda for inspiration in making our own stories. We'll use game-inspired writing prompts to explore four basic pillars of story: character, setting, conflict, and plot. We'll explore the ways our favorite video games make interesting heroes and complex antagonists, places that pop, and big problems for our characters to solve, and students will discover how to put those skills to work in their own stories. Once we've got the basics down and have generated lots of ideas, it will be time to write, write, write!