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Playing with Tense and Point of View

Date: 4/27/18

Location: Open Book-Loft Classroom

Day of the Week: Friday

Time: 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Multigenre

• Regular: $70.00
• Member: $63.00
• Low-Income: $49.00

Take a sentence. This one, for example: "Dark shapes of skiers flitted past, and the old man kept walking." Now rewrite it in the present tense: "Dark shapes of skiers flit past, and the old man keeps walking." Hear the difference? Now try a different point of view, future tense, second person: "Dark shapes of skiers will flit past, and you will keep walking."

Using another tense or point of view can subtly or dramatically change a sentence, a paragraph, a book. Attuning your ear to the gradations of emotion as expressed in the cadence of tense and point of view helps expand your writerly horizons. This class uses lecture, writing exercise, and discussion of published examples to help you gain a better command of these powerful tools. $3 copy fee.