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Beautiful Time: A Class for Poets Age 55 and Up

Date: 6/20/18 – 8/1/18

Location: Open Book-Loft Classroom

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Poetry

• Regular: $210.00
• Member: $189.00
• Low-Income: $147.00

This class is for both experienced poets and those trying poetry as a new or renewed direction as they move toward elder status. Taking the work of master poets such as Stanley Kunitz, Wislawa Szymborska, W. S. Merwin, and Lucille Clifton as our models, we'll explore the emotional "landscape" of the older poet and balance the unavoidable losses of aging against its estimable gains.

We'll discuss the role of the adult we are when writing from the vast store of memory that reaches back to childhood. We'll attend to honestly mourning the losses of aging, given expression by the poem of elegy, while celebrating possibilities for wisdom and even creative foolery that age can also bring.

We will also discuss ways to guard against being limited by ageist assumptions about older people and maintain an openness to change and a generosity toward the future. We'll emphasize a view of the poet as someone keeps a youthful inner vibrancy in spite of the inevitabilities of aging, finding language to explore the difficulties and glories of the current moment. As Czeslaw Milosz said of aging, "We have a beautiful time / As long as time is time at all."

Small copy fee. No class 7/4.