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Novel In Progress

Date: 7/16/18 – 7/20/18

Location: Open Book-Loft Classroom

Day of the Week: Monday;Tuesday;Wednesday;Thursday;Friday

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Ages: 13-17

Class Level: 13-17

Genre: Fiction

• Regular: $262.50
• Member: $236.25
• Low-Income: $183.75

For students currently working on novel-length projects, this class will assist writers as they navigate through character development, plot structure, and emerging themes and the common problems that arise in the process. Students will examine basic plot elements in order to make diagnostics on their story's challenging areas as well as read and discuss selected excerpts for insight on how published authors use these gimmicks and tools.

This class will not be a workshop environment but a place where students will be able to explore possibilities and problem-solve with classmates. Students will be writing every day in each class. All genres welcome.