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Get Descriptive

Date: 1/24/18 – 3/14/18

Location: Online

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Fiction

• Regular: $312.00
• Member: $280.80

Description! Fiction's skeleton. Like beams in a skyscraper, deeply embedded and supportive. Whether action or interiority, it's all in how you convey it. The central tenet of this course is: down with drab. Straight and plain ain't gonna cut it. Injecting your descriptions with color, emotion, and—most of all—original language is the way forward. Take your prose style to the next level, where the spruced air is crisp in the lungs. Students of all levels are welcome. You may have stories or longer works in progress. If so, you can get feedback on these drafts. But starting from scratch works too.

We'll read stories and novel excerpts by Marissa Silver, Barry Hannah, Deborah Eisenberg, James Salter, and more. These models of indelible description will define approaches and inspire experimentation. Class activities also include discussion prompts and Skype chats. Material for this class is authored by a professional writer of instruction in ELA, Reading, Writing & Language for NYC publishers. "I definitely made a lot of progress on my descriptions. Now I think of descriptions as something fun, like adding spices to a meal, when before all I was doing was serving the bare minimum." –Ruth D., 2015 student