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Poetry: The Voice of the Heart

Date: 2/8/18 – 4/26/18

Location: The Loft at Open Book

Day of the Week: Thursday

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Poetry

• Regular: $420.00
• Member: $378.00
• Low-Income: $294.00

If poetry is essentially a communication from the poet's heart to the heart of the reader, how can we keep the heart in our poems while avoiding sentimentality or cliche? This class encourages poets at any level of experience to bring more emotional honesty and openness into their poems.

Drawing on new and old metaphors of the heart, we'll attempt to balance emotion and thought in our work, locating the most powerful areas of feeling in our lives to create poems of intensity and depth. Along the way we'll explore the poetry of childhood and home place, the elegy and the love poem, dream poems, and poems that embrace the overlapping worlds of nature and human community. We'll also look at the role language plays in expressing the "thought of the heart." Sessions include lectures and group discussion of work by Jane Hirshfield, Pablo Neruda, William Stafford, Marilyn Nelson, and other master poets. This is a generative rather than an analytical class, with in-class writing exercises to broaden our expressive range. The teaching artist will give written feedback on up to six poems per student. Small copy fee.