Brick-By-Brick: How To Build A Novel

Date: 2/8/18 – 4/26/18

Location: The Loft at Open Book

Day of the Week: Thursday

Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Intermediate

Genre: Multigenre

• Regular: $420.00
• Member: $378.00
• Low-Income: $294.00

In this class, we begin with a basic question: What is your novel about? (The best mysteries, for example, are always about more than who killed Mr. Body in the library with a candlestick.) From there it's a step-by-step process of determining the proper point of view, discovering the correct narrative voice, creating escalating conflict, making plot choices, exploiting setting, and developing believable characters and putting the appropriate dialogue in their mouths—all in order to build your book and explore your theme with power and style.

We will put what we learn into action with in-class exercises and at-home writing assignments followed by abundant feedback from the teaching artist as well as other class members. Student manuscripts will not be critiqued. However, portions of your works-in-progress may be used for writing assignments when appropriate. We'll also discuss the realities of publishing—including eBooks—as well as manuscript preparation and how to find an agent.