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Short Stories: Beginning to End

Date: 9/27/17 – 11/22/17

Location: Online

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Beginning

Genre: Fiction

• Regular: $312.00
• Member: $280.80

What makes a great story? What makes an unforgettable character? And what makes us want to read more of our favorite short fiction?

In this class, we'll explore the elements of strong, vivid, and moving creative writing, and the structure and construction of the short story form. Through readings and discussions, we'll cover the writing process from the inception of an idea to the creation of your own polished story. We'll discuss how to make writing bold, vital, and realistic, and how to polish stories to perfection.

We will read stories from authors such as Chekhov, Jhumpa Lahiri, Karen Russell, George Saunders, and others, and will workshop each others' story drafts. This course will be half craft discussion, half workshop, in which students focus on your writing and offer feedback on the writing of others.

We will have in-depth lessons focusing each week on a different aspect of technique, such as language and voice, character, dialogue, and plot structure; each lesson will include a professional story to read and a weekly livechat discussion. Students will leave the course with a revised short story.