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Memoir Writing: A Window into the World Around You

Date: 10/11/17 – 11/22/17

Location: Online

Ages: Adult

Class Level: Open to All Levels

Genre: Creative Nonfiction

• Regular: $234.00
• Member: $210.60

In Tell it Slant, Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola write: "Unless you exist alone on an unchartered island and are never discovered, the elements of your life are reverberant with historical significance because you live in a communal group whose attitudes and choices are historically shaped." We don't exist in a vacuum. Our lives are entwined with those of our families, friends, colleagues, other communities, and with the world around us.

This intersection of the personal and the socio-cultural-political seems inevitable as time passes. As our ability to communicate speeds up. As our access to information walks around with us 24/7. All of this means that we, as individuals with our own narratives, are bound to intersect with the goings-on around us in the universe.

And, as writers, that greater context creeps into our daily conversations and into the words on the page. We inevitably confront the questions: how do we tell our story in conjunction with or against the backdrop of the outside world, be it of peace agreements or civil war, drought or famine, kidnappings or killing fields? Each week we'll read works by published writers, write, and thoughtfully share our reactions to each other's stories.