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The Loft Podcast is back and is available for streaming or download through most major podcast services, and is also listed here. Our podcast seasons now reflect the Loft's themes. To kick off the fall podcast season, look for six episodes dedicated to writings and conversations around Fairy Tales.

Episode 1 of Fairy Tales

Our first fairy tale episode features:

1. Minnesota slam poet Kyle Tran "Guante" Myhre reads "An Open Letter to Pinocchio from Dracula" from A Love Song, A Death Rattle, A Battle Cry. 

2. Fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes talks with us about the development of folklore and fairy tales, and what gives them such staying power.

3. Teaching artist Marjorie Hakala chats about how she plans to blend fairy tales and creative nonfiction in her Loft class this fall. Learn more about Marjorie's class here

4. Fiction writer Sequoia Nagamatsu talks about the fairy tales that influence his work, and reads "The Peach Boy" from his collection Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone.

The Loft Podcast is produced by Rachel Yang, assisted by Chris Jones.