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Rent Writers' Studios at the Loft

Do you need a space to write? The Loft rents writers' studios. Make a regular appointment with your muse! Our studios are designed with creativity in mind, and as one writer told us, they're "a dream come true." 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who can rent a writer's studio at the Loft?
All Loft members are eligible to rent the writers studios. Access to these studios is a benefit of membership.

What will I find in the studios? Where are they located?
Each studio is a single room, complete with a privacy door and two windows facing a stunning view of the downtown skyline. The studios are located on the second floor of the Open Book Building, behind the Loft's Resource Library, at the back of Open Book for greater privacy.

Each studio has a hand-crafted wooden writing table, an adjustable work chair, a rocking chair for reading, overhead and desk lighting, and a posting wall with thumbtacks. The studios also share a small lounge area containing a refrigerator, coffee maker, and lockers. Each studio user has access to a locker (about 14" x 16" x 16") to store projects and personal belongings. One of our studio writers told us, "This little big room is all I want and need!"

For how long can I rent or use a studio?
The studios operate under a timeshare model, and are open 24 hours per day. You pay per month, for access of up to 20 hours per week. While you’re using the studios, you can come in on a regular schedule, or on the spur of the moment (up to 20 hours weekly). You can write in any of the seven studios available on a first-come, first-served basis.

All contracts begin on the 1st of the month and extend for one, three, or six months.

1 month commitment — $125

3 month commitment — $300

6 month commitment — $525

"The studios break that writer's barrier when you find yourself just writing in a closet. Here, when you want, you can emerge into the stimulating environment of Open Book."

"The studios are great. They remind me of a North Shore cabin."

If I drive to the studios, where can I park?
The Loft is located in the Open Book Building. Sometimes there's room in Open Book's parking lot next to the building. In addition, there are 4- and 10-hour parking meters on the streets near Open Book, and ample room in the inexpensive parking lots within blocks of Open Book. (Exception: We are located near the Vikings stadium. During sporting events, parking is tighter.)

Are the studios accessible by wheelchair?
Yes. The Open Book Building is entirely accessible to people using wheelchairs, including the writers' studios. Studio furniture has been built to accommodate the special height needs of individuals using wheelchairs.

How do I sign up for a writer's studio?
Contact or call 612-215-2575 for information about getting a Loft Writers' Studios contract. You can arrange a time to come in, take a tour, and sign up.

Thanks for your interest in the Loft's writing studios!