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Judges Needed- Published Authors

Posted on Thu, Feb 8 2018 10:43 am by Melissa Naatz

Author's email

For the past three years the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), has sponsored the ​Rising Star Contest. This contest gives non-published writers a chance to get their manuscript in front of agents. 
We are looking for published authors, with an understanding of women’s fiction, to judge the first round of entries.  Judges do not need to be published in women’s fiction.  In  return you will receive exposure within the WFWA, a growing organization with 950 active members from all over the world.  Your name and a short bio will be posted on the WFWA website and disseminated to our members.

Each judge will be asked to anonymously judge ​no more than three​ entries of 35 pages each. Judges will have a full ​six weeks​ to evaluate them. You’ll receive your entries on ​May 29, 2018 and they due back on ​July 9, 2018

Every writer needs valuable feedback. No writer can move forward successfully without it. ​You can be that source. Please consider helping a Rising Star and volunteer as a judge. 
This contest means so much to the unpublished members of WFWA. ​We need ​seventy-five judges. We can’t do this without you. ​Please email​ Rising Star Judges’ Coordinator, Melissa Naatz, at to volunteer.