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Plymouth WritersWorkshop

Posted on Tue, Sep 26 2017 7:37 pm by MeetUp

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PWW is a writer's group that encourages genre novelists. If you are writing in the mystery, sci-fi, romance, horror, thriller, etc. genres,  please query us. Check us out on MeetUp and read further. 

We're not anti-literary snobs, far from it, but there's an abundance of literary groups. This is our niche.

Some of us have taken and still take classes at The Loft. 

We meet (usually) 3rd Thu of every month, 7 - 9 PM. in Golden Valley or St. Louis Park. 

Best way to contact us is through MeetUp, not email. 5 pps. of representative writing is requested from those that intrigue us. Short stories are acceptable, of course, but it's novels that really hook us. Thanks. --PWW