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Posted on Sun, Nov 26 2017 12:15 pm by Katie Anderson

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Have you written THAT book, but need it professionally edited?

Have you written THAT book, but now need it formatted for print and digital publishing?

I offer the first ten pages free so you know what you are working with. References available upon request.

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! The Wyrd Smythe can accomplish all of that, and more.
Wyrd Smythe is the right choice if you’re one of those people that dream of having a book written and published with your name on the cover.
(Yeah...that could be you on the best sellers list someday.)

E-Mail me at katierose7@aol(dot)com

Use my contact forms at either or

Twitter: Katie Rose@akatierose

Then, you and I will talk about your project. My prices are negotiable, so we will work out a reasonable price that works well for both of us.

By the way, thank you for checking out my post!