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Minnesota Dad launches Kickstarter to empower Daughter

Posted on Tue, Feb 28 2017 12:32 pm by Josh Mozingo

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Good afternoon Loft,

My name is Josh Mozingo and I was encouraged to reach out under the direction of Lynn Casale. I have launched a Kickstarter to help empower my daughter and hopefully children around the world.  We are combining stories with female heroes and matching Storysuits.  Our hope is to encourage reading without the use of electronics.  

This journey started over two years ago while my wife was pregnant with our first child. I was a typical nervous parent who was determined to read studies so that I could become the best parent possible. All the studies that I read had a repeating theme - read to your children. With this knowledge, I dug deeper to find out what types of books were available to children today. Finding books that I believed would empower my children to dream big and teach them to be kind to others was difficult. I wanted to do anything I could to inspire my daughter to become a strong, independent and compassionate young lady. This idea was the groundwork for Storysuits.

Monkey Do Good is a story about an independent girl who has a heart of gold. This story takes place deep within a jungle where a young girl wakes up to animals in need of a hero. To breathe life into our story we worked with illustrator Jessica Scheberl to create incredible watercolor paintings. Each page is designed to draw the reader further into the story!  Monkey Do Good was inspired after reading a study led by Janice McCabe "Gender in Twentieth-Century Children's Books: Patterns of Disparity in Titles and Central Characters."

We are currently featured on Kickstarter and roughly a third funded.  One of our popular options is to donate a book or Storysuit combo to a family in need and we are looking for any organization that might help with getting children to read.  

We would love for you to join us on this journey and to share your thoughts.  We can be reached at or

Thank you!