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Austin Film Festival Script Competitions

Posted on Tue, Mar 6 2018 1:52 pm by Gabbi Lindgren

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AFF’s Screenplay Competition is one of the most respected writing contests in the country with a rich history of championing and supporting writers. AFF will provide Reader Comments to ALL entrants in the Competition for FREE!  In addition, all entrants receive registration discounts, with even bigger discounts when you place in the competition. Unlike other screenplay competitions, your experience with AFF doesn’t end after making the first cut. Second Rounders (the esteemed top 15-18% in each category), Semifinalists, and Finalists attend special panels, programmed specifically for them and not open to regular badge holders.  This year, AFF has an exciting line-up of sponsored award judges including the Writer’s Guild of America East who will provide three established WGAE screenwriters to judge the Final Round of the Drama category, Enderby Entertainment who will be looking for scripts with an original concept and distinctive voice that can be produced under $10 million. May 15 is the Late (and Final) Deadline for screenplay submissions so enter yours before it really is too late!


Don't forget to check out our new Fiction Podcast Script Competition.  With the recent success of podcasts like Homecoming, Limetown or Welcome to Night Vale, the world of fiction podcasts is gaining momentum.  If you have a pilot, a teleplay or a screenplay ask yourself: is this a great story?  If it is, then take the time to tweak it for this new medium!  Whether you submit with us or not, getting your script ready for this space is only going to help your career!

Early Deadline: March 30
Regular Deadline: April 20
Late Deadline: May 15