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Shabo Award for Children's Picture Book Writers


The contest is open to writers with a ‘nearly there’ manuscript who have not yet published a picture book. The award was established in 2005 by Loft student, Bridget Levin, to celebrate the publication of her first book for children and to express her gratitude to the Loft for its role in the book’s development. “I think it’s so important to give back,” says Bridget. The name of the award was inspired by her childhood imaginary playmate, Shabo. “I was the fifth of eight children, and I needed a creative ally to navigate the currents of a big Irish Catholic family.” As she grew in her writing life, Shabo became a conduit for childhood memories: a muse. And now, Levin hopes, Shabo will serve as an inspiring symbol for other children’s writers.

2013 Guidelines

Deadline to apply was August 10, 2013. Please read the guidelines before starting your application. You will need a Submittable account to apply—you can create one once you click on Apply.

2013 Guidelines

2012 Winners

2012 Shabo Award winners (PDF)

Congratulations to Shari Albers, Daniel Berstrom, Kristin Gallagher, Mara Sineps Miller, Cheryl Minnema, Peter Pearson, Rebecca Stanborough, and Charlotte Sullivan.

The Shabo Award for Children’s Picture Book Writers is made possible, in part, by a gift  from The Ross and Bridget Levin Charitable Gift Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation.