Featured class: Beginning Memoir with Angela Foster happens December 5.

Programs & Awards

The Loft strives to advance the artistic development writers, foster a writing community, and inspire a passion for literature through a wide variety of learning opportunities, grants and awards for writers, and community events and publication readings.

Educational Offerings

At the Loft, we believe that writing can be learned through practice, dedication, and skilled teaching and mentorship. Loft youth, adult, and online classes are one key to fulfilling that idea, but the Loft also provides countless other learning opportunities each year through writing conferences, online mentorships, in-depth apprenticeships, and collaborations like First Pages and other fee for service programs. Learn more about all our educational offerings, including upcoming conferences. 

Loft Grants & Awards

We believe that literature is essential, that it creates understanding, empathy, inspiration, and delight as it helps us navigate our complex realities. We believe dialogue among readers and writers enriches our lives, our society, and our world; and it is for this reason that the Loft continues to work with funders to award individual writers across multiple genres who demonstrate promise towards that ideal. Learn more about our grant and awards programs for writers. 

Readings & Events

The Loft is committed to creating an inclusive community that helps mitigate the isolating part of the writing process. Our various reading series, literary events, and publication readings create opportunities and experiences that expand our networks, energize our enthusiasm for reading, and affirm our sense of belonging to a literary community, both locally and globally. Learn more about our readings & events.