Featured offerings: Rebecca Makkai visits the Loft June 25 to talk about The Great Believers.


Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, the Loft is introducing seasonal thematic programming. Our themes will help connect you across many of the Loft program offerings. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and these themes will compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways.

This fall, our theme will be Vigilance: How can poems and stories help us to maintain attention over long periods of time? How does language bear witness? Through the theme of Vigilance, the Loft will explore the ways in which words help us hold light in the darkness. 

We invite you to explore our fall theme of Vigilance in as many ways as interest you. The video and listings below highlight the ideas and opportunities to participate throughout the fall.




Equilibrium and Palabristas:
15 Year Birthday

Saturday, September 23
featuring performances by
Palabristas, Danez Smith,
Hieu Minh Nguyen, Tanaya Winder,
and DJ Nak.


Joseph Rios:

Tuesday, October 24
co-presented with Ancestry Books,
Joseph Rios will read from his new
collection Shadowboxing: Poems
and Impersonations.


More Than a Single Story:
Vigilance in Uncertain Times

Sunday, November 12
featuring a conversation between
Carolyn Holbrook and other artists TBA.

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Big Ideas: Look
with Solmaz Sharif

Tuesday, November 14
In this Big Ideas, co-presented
with the College of Saint Benedict and
Graywolf Press, and featuring poet
Solmaz Sharif, we’ll discuss work that
counters the narrative of privilege and
compels us to look.


Equilibrium Presents:

Saturday, November 18
The Loft’s spoken word series,
Equilibrium, continues with spoken
word immersion fellows


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Master Class: Singing about
The Dark Times: Poetry as
Protest and Resistance

Tuesday, September 19
This twelve-week master poetry class
taught by Jude Nutter takes inspiration
from Bertolt Brecht's answer to the
question "In the dark times will there
also be singing?" "Yes," he answers,
"there will be singing. About the
dark times."

Reading Baldwin's The Price
of the Ticket: Collected

Wednesday, September 20
This class, led by David Mura, will
focus on reading and discussing
James Baldwin’s collected essays,
The Price of the Ticket, and is for
both readers and writers.

Reading Club: Finding
Creative Nonfiction
that Breaks Boundaries

Thursday, September 28
How do you find compelling articles
that take you beyond what your
network is sharing on social media?
Where do you look for the essay
that people will be talking about
tomorrow? This class, led by Hadiya
Shire and Tanner Curl, will dive deep
to find writing that expands the mind
and soul.

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Tending to the Past:
Rewriting Memory and
History Through Poetry

Saturday, October 14
In this class, led by April Gibson,
students will examine the ways
collective memory and history
influence poetry, how they can
reimagine the past in their writing,
and how they can begin to reclaim
the narratives of their collective pasts.

Writing Peace Into
Your Life

Saturday, November 11
Writing is a powerful tool for
understanding ourselves and the
world; writing can even change how
we relate to both ourselves and the
world. In this class, led by Michael
Kiesow Moore, students will use
writing to consciously explore
what peace is.

Poetry as Protest in the
21st Century

Saturday, November 11
What are the uses and limits of
poetry as a tool for social change?
This class, led by Katie Vagnino, will
attempt to answer this question by
examining how 21st-century poets
take on the mantle of activists.
All political perspectives welcome.

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