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Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, the Loft is introducing seasonal thematic programming. Our themes will help connect you across many of the Loft program offerings. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and these themes will compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways.

This winter, our theme will be True NorthTrue North is defined as north according to the axis, not magnetic north. Our definition of place can change based on who is defining it. Through this theme, we will celebrate the unheard voices and examine how Minnesota affects the art we make and admire. 

We invite you to explore our winter theme of True North in as many ways as interest you. The listings below highlight the ideas and opportunities to participate throughout the winter.




Big Ideas: Race & Reality in
the Cool Blue North

Wednesday, January 24
Sometimes Minnesota is not so nice.

This conversation, led David Grant will
explore when “you’re welcome here”
really means you are not. The evening
will also open discussion around the ways
in which Northern indifference can
sometimes be worse than hate.


Truly North: A Loft Cabaret

Monday, February 26
As a celebration of the True North theme,
the Loft invites you to an evening
celebrating the wide array of northern
voices. Join us for short readings by Dessa,
Donte Collins, Marcie Rendon, Roy Guzman,
and Mai Neng Moua.

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Stories About the True North
(Online Class) with Jack Smith

Wednesday, January 17
This class will read stories with
characters trying to survive against
the harsh climate of the north. From
there, we will write our own stories
with these models in mind.


Poetry Inspired by the True North
(Online Class) with Jessica (Tyner)

Wednesday, January 17
This class will explore how all aspects
of Minnesota impacts their work. You
will leave class with your own portfolio
of True North poetry.

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Killing Your Scene:
Strategies from Northern Noir
with Sarah Chandler

Tuesday, February 6
Keep your readers on edge, no matter
what your subject, by stealing techniques
from writers of literary noir set in
decidedly northern locales—both
geographically and figuratively.


Writing True Stories
With True North Authors
with Marge Barrett

Saturday, February 10
We'll read short excerpts of writing
from master Minnesota ("True North")
creative nonfiction writers—such as
Kao Kalia Yang, David Mura, Tom Rademacher,
Amy Thielen—to learn how they develop
character, setting, and dialogue; tense
and time (flashback, flash forward);
scene, summary, and reflection.

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