Much like how an art museum might present a special exhibit, the Loft is introducing seasonal thematic programming. Our themes will help connect you across many of the Loft program offerings. We believe that poems and stories can be an important lens through which to view the world, and these themes will compel us all to look at the words we write and authors we read in new ways.

This spring, our theme will be To Be Honest: Sometimes, poetry gets to the truth faster than nonfiction does. Sometimes, the news isn’t entirely factual. Sometimes, narrators are less than trustworthy. We hope to use this theme to explore the ways narrative arts both illuminate and obscure the truth(s) of the matter. 

We invite you to explore our spring theme of To Be Honest in as many ways as interest you.




All Kinds of Awesome Story

Friday, March 16
Living and working in Korea. Birth
family searches. Dating with a
capital adopt-D. Minnesota’s own
NPA (Network of Politicized Adoptees)
and curator Eric Sharp present ALL
KINDS of AWESOME: Untold True
Stories from the Korean Adoptee
Community. As part of the Loft's
To Be Honest theme, Storytellers
from many walks of Korean
Adoptee life will celebrate adoptee
culture and oral tradition in order
to reflect on the varied truths
(and sometimes false
misunderstandings) of their


Big Ideas: Bunk, featuring
Kevin Young & Marlon James

Monday, March 19
Hoaxes have played a role throughout
American history, from P.T. Barnum's
"humbug" to the current assertions from
Donald J. Trump about "fake news." In
his book, Bunk, Kevin Young traces this
history and its particular focus on racist
stereotypes and and suspicions. In this 
Big Ideas, Marlon James will join Kevin
Young to discuss how reality has been
distorted and manipulated in American

This event is presented in collaboration
with the College of Saint Benedict and
Graywolf Press.


More Than a Single Story:

Sunday, April 8
In this More Than a Single Story
conversation, Carolyn Holbrook will
explore with Sharon Day, Kathryn
Haddad, Ed Bok Lee, Alexs Pate, and
Tlahtoki Xochimeh the past and present
ways our communities have been
tricked, lied to, and misaligned
through literature, news, and
government policies.

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To Be Honest: Lynette
Reini-Grandell, Wild Verge

Friday, April 27
Lynette Reini-Grandell's newest
poetry collection covers
dislocation, not fitting in, and
seeking an authentic life out of
bounds. Many poems address
her transgender relationship
with Venus DeMars, who will
emcee the evening and play
some songs.


12th Motherhood & Words

Saturday, April 28
Too often, writing about motherhood
is dismissed with the monikers
“women’s issues” and “momoir.” Join
host Kate Hopper with Sophfronia
Scott and Erin O. White for the 12th
annual Motherhood & Words reading.

From the beautiful to the complicated
to the downright difficult, these authors
reveal truths not only about parenting,
but about the human condition.


FUTURE PRESENT: A celebration
of the new anthology
Contemporary Plays by
Women of Color

Thursday, May 17

Theater and playwriting can be a
powerful platform to tell stories that
need to be told, hold voices that are
unheard, and encourage discussion
on issues vital to our times. As a part
of the Loft's To Be Honest theme,
please come to this celebration and
discussion of 
Contemporary Plays by
Women of Color.
Join the editor,
Roberta Uno, and playwrights including
Ananya Chatterjea, Dionna Daniel,
Kathryn Haddad, Meena Natarajan, and
Marcie Rendon for a discussion and

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Two Truths, One Lie
(Youth Ages 12–14)

Saturday, March 17
Two Truths, One Lie is not just
a good time in the lunchroom;
it's also a cool way to explore
truth-telling and fabrication in
creative writing. Through
discussion, reading, and writing,
this one-day class for youth ages
12-14 will reveal strategies for
getting at the truth through fiction.


Learn to Lie: Writing

Saturday, March 17
What? Learn to lie?! But, of
course, this is exactly what you
need to do in order to convince
your readers you're telling the
truth! Whether your story is
about firefighters or drama queens,
zombies or aliens, you must create
verisimilitude, or the appearance
of being real or true, to keep
your readers engaged.

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Reading Club: Unlocking Truth
with Creative Nonfiction

Thursday, March 29
The rise of alternative facts has
made the notion of unearthing
truth feel more elusive than ever.
In this class, we'll read and
discuss stories that cut through
conventional wisdom and
preconceived notions to help
us understand what others
can see and discover what
we have overlooked.


Imagination and Truth
in Creative Nonfiction

Wednesday, April 4
Truth is at the heart of creative
nonfiction writing. But what role
does imagination play in our lives
and, in turn, our personal narratives?
In this class, we will consider the
boundaries of the genre and
interrogate how much invention is
too much, using the scale of our
individual commitments to truthfulness.


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