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What the Year Long Writing Projects Include

Cohort Meetings

Project participants will meet as a class and cohort for two twelve-week terms, one in the winter/spring and one in the fall/winter. For details on exact dates/days of week, visit the Novel, Memoir, or Poetry project specifics pages.

Each meeting will be organized and carefully planned, and each participant will be asked to participate fully. The class simply won’t work without everyone’s engagement; YOUR participation is key throughout, as class meeting times are meant to keep your writing goals on schedule. Many of the cohort meetings will include visits (in-person or virtual) with established publishing professionals. Project specific pages (linked above) will list some of the expected visits.

Our work will range over several topics. To begin, we’ll focus on fiction (for Novel Writing Project), nonfiction (for Memoir Writing Project), or verse (for the Poetry Project) and how their various elements work in concert. We’ll also consider the architecture of our projects and begin to work immediately on putting plans into place. The main focus of our time will be workshop-based, but we’ll also read and study a series of books.

During the summer months, you’ll focus even more on your writing, which you’ll do on your own, with direction from the teaching artist.

In the fall term, we’ll begin by focusing on more writing, workshopping, and revision, but we’ll also move more directly into discussions about the business of writing and publishing. For these purposes, we’ll be visited by several industry professionals.

In addition to class meetings, over the course of the year-long program, each participant will have 4 one-on-one meetings with Peter, Nicole, or Danez to consult on individual book projects. This includes a final manuscript consultation session that will take place in January or February 2020, once the teaching artist has had a chance to read and critique each manuscript. These will be handed in on the final day of the fall/winter term class session.

Loft Gift Card and Final Reading

Each participant will be given a $250 Loft gift card upon completion of the program, so that participants may continue their engagement with the writing life and further support their studies of writing craft with future Loft services (more classes, attend a conference, take an online class, etc.)

The year long Writing Projects will culminate in a final public reading at the Loft. For details on each one, please visit the Project Specifics pages.