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Year Long Writing Project Overview

Your novel, memoir, or poetry collection, from first word to last—and on to market.

One year is plenty of time to write a novel, memoir, or poetry collection. That’s the first lesson of this year-long project. The hundred other lessons that follow will take into account everything from how to begin to how to end, and what to do with your novel, memoir, or collection once you’ve finished.

Maybe you've had a great idea for a manuscript, but you don't know how to start or keep hitting stumbling blocks when you sit down to write. Maybe you've got a draft, but parts of it just aren't working and you don't know how to fix them. Maybe you're unsure about how to polish your manuscript and feel truly confident that it's ready to pursue publication.

You want to know that your novel, memoir, or collection is the best you can make it. The Novel Writing Project (taught by Peter Geye), Memoir Writing Project (taught by Nicole Helget), and Poetry Writing Project (taught by Danez Smith) can help you.

We've heard from a number of students who've taken Loft classes that they're craving more intensive, personalized guidance and coaching on their novels in progress. These programs are designed to meet that demand.

It'll be a year of rigorous reading, focused writing, meticulous revising, and deep study of craft. You’ll meet best selling authors, luminaries in publishing, distinguished booksellers, and local literary agents. But most importantly, you’ll develop the resources and relationships to move ahead with a writing life once the project is finished.

After 12 months, your manuscript will be submission-ready, and you'll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to pitch to editors and pursue publication.