Project Details

Here some additional details about the components that make up the Loft Writing Projects.

Syllabus: Here is a syllabus for the upcoming Novel Writing Project. Here is the syllabus for the upcoming Memoir Writing Project. Here is a syllabus for the upcoming Poetry Writing Project. Project details may change or adjust as the year progresses.

Workshop: Please refer to the specific project syllabus for information on how the workshop will take place.

Visiting authors and publishing professionals: As stated, several distinguished guests will visit us during the course of the year. The purpose of these visits is to introduce students to enduring works of fiction, memoir, or poetry, the people who wrote them, and the sorts of people who help bring them to the world. These meetings will be largely informal, and include ample opportunity to interact with and ask questions of the guests. Please, do not ever use these meetings as an opportunity to pitch your own work. Visiting authors will either attend class in-person or via a Skype session.

Teaching Artist consultations: Each student will be asked to meet individually with Peter, Danez, or Nicole regularly during the Project. Meetings will be scheduled as follows: one meeting during the winter/spring term, one meeting at the beginning of summer, one at the end of summer, and one at the conclusion of the writing project, when we’ll discuss your final manuscript. The purpose for these meetings will be wide-ranging, but their primary function is to discuss plans and courses of action for the aspiring writers.

Final manuscript consultation: At the end of the Project, students will be expected to submit their final and complete manuscript. Peter, Danez, or Nicole will read each submission, provide a written critique of each manuscript, and conduct a final consultation to present the critique. These consultations may extend into February 2020 but must take place no later than February 28, 2020. No extensions can be made, and no exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE: final manuscripts must be properly formatted and bound (refer to your syllabus and confer with your teaching artist for details). Only manuscripts turned in on the last day of class will be read for the final consultation. That is to say, it is the responsibility of the student to finish their manuscript by the final class meeting. If a student fails to complete it, the teaching artist will only read what has been submitted on the final day of class. Please also note that ENROLLING IN THIS PROJECT DOES NOT ENSURE PUBLICATION.

The Loft will designate one classroom at Open Book as communal writing and discussion space, for the duration of the year-long Writing Projects. This room will be available during the same time frame as the project evening meetings throughout the year (6-9 p.m.) for the purpose of having a regular place for project cohorts to gather and write even when not in class. More details will be forthcoming.