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Frequently Asked Questions About Loft Residencies

Who are Loft residency students?

The Loft has proudly offered many residencies. Site examples include the Mayo Clinic, the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation (in partnership with Veterans in the Arts), St. Paul Academy, and the list goes on. Residency Teaching Artists lead workshops on a diverse range of creative writing topics to all ages of learners—from young adults to senior citizens.

Are Loft classes for beginning, intermediate, or advanced writers?

All! Educational offerings and residencies can be tailored to writers at any level of development. See descriptions of learning levels (PDF).

What are the responsibilities of the host organization or school when obtaining Loft programming?

In order to achieve the goal of providing a safe and respectful space for participants to explore the art of creative writing, we ask that you:

  • Provide an appropriate space that is conducive to creative writing. This includes ample writing space, a whiteboard for the teaching artist, adequate lighting, and the facilitation of a calm and organized classroom.
  • Encourage students to respect class dynamics, which means encourage participating students to come to class on time, commit to being in class for the duration of the program, and respectfully engage in all class activities. Writing workshops thrive on consistent student engagement.
  • Register participants.
  • The retaining organization feels confident that they have student interest, and those students will consistently attend class for the duration of the creative writing program.
  • The retaining organization is willing and able to promote the opportunity among its constituency.
  • The retaining organization will help the Loft evaluate the program and ensure best practices, which include discussing the class content and learning objectives with the teaching artist and can include planning meetings with the teaching artist and Loft staff.

How much do residencies cost?

Most residencies cost $125 per contract hour. Rates can vary depending on the program duration and needs of the participating organization, and long-term residencies can be discounted. Contact Melissa Wray at for more information. 

What is your payment policy?

Once a program is confirmed, the Loft will send an agreement to both the organization and the teaching artist. The agreement will outline the payment process and terms for the teaching artist and the organization, including all key deadlines.

What is your cancellation policy?

Programs can be cancelled up to two weeks before the program start date. If cancellation occurs within two weeks of the program start date, the school or organization will be charged the full program fee.

What about emergency cancellations?

In the case of an emergency cancellation or a cancellation due to weather, the Loft will work with the partnering school or organization to reschedule the program.

Can the Loft be a funding partner?

At this time, the Loft has made a commitment to a number of thriving community partnerships, and unfortunately we are not able to take on any more.

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Still have questions? Please contact the Loft’s Outreach & Partnership Sales Manager, Melissa Wray, at