Manuscript Critique:
Lee Oglesby

Open to: Creative nonfiction essays and book-length manuscripts

Word Limit: Please check with the Loft at on projects more than 100,000 words

What You’ll Submit:

An essay, collection of essays, or full manuscript up to 100,000 words.

What You’ll Get:

You'll receive line edits on structure, style, and syntax to ensure that your voice is consistent and clear throughout the manuscript. You'll also receive a detailed editorial letter identifying the strengths of your work and points for improvement. Lee's goal is to evaluate your manuscript from a reader’s perspective and from a publisher’s perspective. The critique will include a conversation—either by phone or in person—to discuss the best ways to meet your publication goals. 

Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price. 
  • $125 (base price) + 1.5 cents/word


  • Prose up to 50,000 words: two weeks
  • Prose up to 100,000 words: four weeks

Lee Oglesby Manuscript Critique

Class Level: Word

Base Price: $125.00
Manuscript Critique (Base Price + 1.5 cents/word)

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Lee Oglesby is a former editor from Oxford University Press. She specialized in environmental science, and has experience editing manuscripts for professional, academic, and general audiences. She’s also evaluated manuscripts and book proposals for several literary agents and has a keen eye for the details that will make your work stand out to both agents and editors. Her personal interests include earth science; food studies; cultural criticism; and discussions of race, gender, and sexuality.

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Manuscript Critique Editors

Who do I work with? 

The best way to review what you'd get working with each editor is to review their specific page, but here is a summary of what each editor offers with general pricing. If you would like to contact an editor with specific questions before purchasing, email and we will forward your questions to them.

Prose: Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Ellen Akins: Fiction & Memoir Manuscript Coaching ($2,100)
  • Lesley Arimah: Short Stories ($300 + 5 cents/word)
  • Ben Barnhart: Fiction (short stories and novels); Nonfiction; YA and Middle-Grade Fiction ($250 + 2 cents/word)
  • Bruce Berglund: Short, Long, or Book-Length Nonfiction ($250 + 2 cents/word)
  • Patricia Weaver Francisco: Short and Long Prose, Fiction and Nonfiction ($300 + 1.5 cents/word)
  • Erin Hart: Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction—Short or Novel-Length; Query Letters ($150 + 1.5 cents/word)
  • Heather McPherson: Book-Length Creative Nonfiction (including memoir, family history, essay, literary journalism, etc.) ($250 + 1.25 cents/word)
  • Lyda Morehouse: Book-Length Science Fiction and Fantasy ($250 + $1.75 cents/word)
  • Lee Oglesby: Creative nonfiction essays and book-length manuscripts ($125 + 1.5 cents/word)
  • Esther Porter: Short, Long, or Novel-Length Fiction or Nonfiction ($300 + 2.5 cents/word)
  • Kathryn Savage: MFA application personal statements, residency and fellowship personal statements, short fiction, flash fiction, and prose poems ($300 + 2 cents/word)
  • Sarah Stonich: Short, Long, or Novel-Length Fiction or Nonfiction ($300 + 1.75 cents/word) or Query Letters ($130)
  • Stanley Trollip: Crime Fiction—Short or Novel-Length ($100 + 1.75 cents/word) or Query Letters ($110)
Screen- and Playwriting
  • Cristina Pippa: Short or Feature-length Screenplays and Plays ($50 + $3.50/page); Screenplay Treatment ($210)
  • Sarah Stonich: Screenplay Critique ($400 + 3.75/page)
  • Kathryn Kysar: Poetry Manuscripts ($100 + $12.50/page), Marketing Plan ($560)
  • Jude Nutter: Poetry Manuscripts ($100 + $17.50/page)
Children's and Young Adult
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