Manuscript Critique: Keno Evol

Open to: Poetry or Prose

Limit: Please check on projects more than 80 pages

What You’ll Submit:

For poetry, collections of poems from 20 pages to full manuscript of 80 pages. For prose, essays, creative nonfiction, or fiction.

What You’ll Get:

In-depth, substantive edits, as well as feedback on individual poems. For prose, you will receive a one page letter on voice. My background in theater intersects with language by prioritizing voice and the unique personality of the writer. You will receive feedback on tone, tension, and technique. My background in freelance education has shown me the importance of dialog and fellowship. In addition to the critical feedback, pushback, and observations, you will also receive a one-on-one meeting in-person or over the phone to further discuss arc, voice, and message.

Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word or page fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price. 
  • In Prose: $250 (base price) + 1.5 cents/word
  • In Poetry: $100 (base price) + $17.50/page

Keno Evol Poetry Critique

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Pricing: $100.00
Manuscript Critique (Base Price + $17.50/page)

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Keno Evol Prose Critique

Class Level: Word

Base Price: $250.00
Manuscript Critique (Base Price + 1.5 cents/word)

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Poet, essayist and activist Keno Evol is a six year educator having taught at nineteen institutions across the state of Minnesota. He is the board chair of the Youth Advisory Board for TruArtSpeaks. A non profit in St Paul, dedicating to cultivating literacy, leadership and social justice through Hip Hop. 
Evol has received numerous grants and competed nationally as a spoken word artist.  Evol has been published in Poetry Behind The Walls and on platforms such as Gazillion Voices Magazine , Black Girl In Om, Revolution News and TC Organizer. 
Evol has performed, taught workshops and led professional development in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Washington DC, Arkansas, Minnesota and New York. He has gone on to teach Spoken Word poetry in high schools such as Washburn High, Brooklyn Center High, MNIC High, PYC, Paladin Academy, Creative Arts and John Glenn Middle School. 
He has appeared on TPT and Urban Perspectives.  He navigates noting Patricia Hill Collins as she has stated “My work has always been bigger than my job."


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Prose: Fiction & Nonfiction
  • Ellen Akins: Fiction & Memoir Manuscript Coaching ($2,100)
  • Lesley Arimah: Short Stories ($300 + 5 cents/word)
  • Ben Barnhart: Fiction (short stories and novels); Nonfiction; YA and Middle-Grade Fiction ($250 + 2 cents/word)
  • Bruce Berglund: Short, Long, or Book-Length Nonfiction ($250 + 2 cents/word)
  • Patricia Weaver Francisco: Short and Long Prose, Fiction and Nonfiction ($300 + 1.5 cents/word)
  • Erin Hart: Crime Fiction, Historical Fiction—Short or Novel-Length; Query Letters ($150 + 1.5 cents/word)
  • Heather McPherson: Book-Length Creative Nonfiction (including memoir, family history, essay, literary journalism, etc.) ($250 + 1.25 cents/word)
  • Lyda Morehouse: Book-Length Science Fiction and Fantasy ($250 + $1.75 cents/word)
  • Lee Oglesby: Creative nonfiction essays and book-length manuscripts ($125 + 1.5 cents/word)
  • Esther Porter: Short, Long, or Novel-Length Fiction or Nonfiction ($300 + 2.5 cents/word)
  • Kathryn Savage: MFA application personal statements, residency and fellowship personal statements, short fiction, flash fiction, and prose poems ($300 + 2 cents/word)
  • Sarah Stonich: Short, Long, or Novel-Length Fiction or Nonfiction ($300 + 1.75 cents/word) or Query Letters ($130)
  • Stanley Trollip: Crime Fiction—Short or Novel-Length ($100 + 1.75 cents/word) or Query Letters ($110)
Screen- and Playwriting
  • Cristina Pippa: Short or Feature-length Screenplays and Plays ($50 + $3.50/page); Screenplay Treatment ($210)
  • Sarah Stonich: Screenplay Critique ($400 + 3.75/page)
  • Kathryn Kysar: Poetry Manuscripts ($100 + $12.50/page), Marketing Plan ($560)
  • Jude Nutter: Poetry Manuscripts ($100 + $17.50/page)
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