Loft Class Levels

All classes at the Loft are categorized into one of five levels.

Basics | “Basics” classes are designed to provide a safe environment to explore creative writing. Classes will generally cover more than one genre to let students sample, and most students will have never taken a creative writing class before.

Beginning | “Beginning” classes are for writers with little or no experience in writing classes, but who know they want to expand their knowledge of craft, usually in a specific genre.

Intermediate | Writers with some experience in genre specific instruction who seek to deepen their understanding and hone their craft should consider “Intermediate” classes. Students in these classes are familiar with craft terms such as plot, point of view, rhythm, and alliteration. These classes may introduce the workshop model, though class time will not exclusively focus on student work.does or does not work.

Advanced | Writers with significant experience who seek assistance and feedback with revision should consider “Advanced” classes. Classes will often feature a workshop component where student work will be shared and critiqued. Advanced level students should already be comfortable with the workshop model and have a working draft before signing up.

Open to All Levels | “Open to All Levels” classes can be useful to a writer at any level. They are often focused on topics other than craft.