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Annual Report

Thank you!

Thank you for making 2017 an exciting year for the Loft! We stepped into the new year with a healthy surplus and our eyes on a sustainable future.

Thanks to you we were able to continue offering unparalleled educational opportunities for writers at every stage of their artistic development. In 2017 we launched several new initiatives to serve writers even better than before.

We’ve expanded offerings for advanced writers with the launch of the Novel Writing Project and the development of the Memoir Writing Project. In addition to our direct service to writers we have worked hard to throw open the doors even more widely by creating programs for readers, expanding offerings for writers of color, giving more scholarships than ever before, presenting challenging conversations with Big Ideas, and launching a policy of radical hospitality at all readings and events.

In addition to these amazing new developments, 2017 was a time of important behind the scenes work. The Loft staff is working hard to use the full scope of our programs to place literature at the center of civic life. As we prepare for the coming years we are incredibly honored to have your support. Without you we would not be able to offer existing programs nor would we have the humbling task of moving this organization into its next phase.

Thank you for believing that narrative arts are essential. We agree and we can’t wait to see what story the Loft will tell next.

Institutional Support





Boss Foundation
Nina Hale, Inc.


Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation
First Service Residential
Fredrikson & Byron
Parasole Restaurant Holdings, Inc
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wenger Foundation


Running Aces Casino & Racetrack

Audited Financials and 990 Forms

All tax exempt charitable organizations with an annual income of $750,000 or higher are required to file Form 990 with the IRS and make it available for public inspection. Please contact the Loft with any additional questions about our Form 990 filings.

Thank You Loft Members!

Leadership Circle ($1,200 and above)

Kent Adams
Marge Barrett
Laura Davis and Eric Roberts
Mary Dunnewold and Jeff Ondich
Jacquelyn B. Fletcher - Fletcher Family Foundation
Deb Fowler and John Schenk
Jocelyn Hale and Glenn Miller
Mary Jarvis and Michael Meyer Charitable Fund
Michael Klingensmith and Ruth Shields
Constance and Daniel Kunin
Lenfestey Family Foundation
Pete and Bebe Magee
Walt McCarthy and Clara Ueland
Todd Pierson and Beth Schoeppler
Rehael Fund - Roger Hale/Nor Hall of The Minneapolis Foundation
Elizabeth Schott
Karen Sternal
Tankenoff Families Foundation
Philip and Joanne Von Blon Charitable Lead Trust
Jamie Wilson
Margaret Wurtele

$250 - $1199

Hallie Anderson
Margaret Anderson Kelliher and David Kelliher
The Archer Bondarenko Munificence Fund
Douglas M. Baker, Sr.
Mary and Keith Bednarowski
Dan Berg and Welcome Jerde
Brian and Diana Beutner Family Fund
Amit Bhati
Bohmann/Riehle Family Fund
R.S. Bovard and Marnie Wells
Jennifer Bowen Hicks
Breyer Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Richard Byrne
Laurie Carlson and Bill Voedisch
Jay and Page Cowles
Sue Crouse
Paula and Cy DeCosse
Lois and Joe Duffy
Timothy Dykstal
Jack El-Hai
Patricia Francisco and Larry LaVercombe
Leah Galle
Shirley and Frank Garner
Nancy Gaschott and Mark Ritchie
Kathy and Dobby Gibson
Jennie Goloboy and Steve Sigmond
David Good
Jim Gorski and MaryLou Rice
Linda Greve
Jill Grunewald and Charles Mack
The Haggerty Family Foundation
Andrew Hodapp
Janine Hradsky and Cathy Nelson
David and Julie Jones
Bob Junghans
Deborah Keenan and Stephen Seidel
Kit Ketchum and Virginia McCarthy
David Kilpatrick
Barry Knight
Lorna Landvik
Chris LaVictoire Mahai and Dan Mahai
Charles Leck
Richard D Lentz
Ann Lowry and John Overton
Bill and Martha MacLaughlin Family Foundation
Margaret Todd Maitland
Katharine Malaga
Keri Mangis
Jerome McAllister
Ed McConaghay and Margaret Telfer
Mary McConnell
William McDonald
Jim Moore and JoAnn Verburg
Diane Mountford
Linda Myers Shelton and Larry Shelton
Rodney and Diane Nelsestuen
Joy Nisell
Timothy O'Connor
Tamrah O'Neil
Judith and J. Bruce Overmier
Mihai Radulescu and Marly Rusoff
Teresa Rothausen
Dale Schatzlein and Emily Maltz Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Linda and Spencer Silver
Anne Simpson
Sarah Stoesz
Ann and Steve Sundberg
Joseph Tachovsky
Victoria Tirrel
Maryann Weidt
Brett Wood
Joseph and Elisa Wright
Nancy Yoder-Bidwell

$249 and below

A supporter of your recent decision to become more diverse
LeAnn Aakre
Joyce Abel
Michele Abita and Richard G. Hagen
Lynn Abrahamsen
Ida M. Adams
Laura Adams
William Adamson
Nancy Agneberg
Becky Akers
Nigar Alam
Elaine Alarcon
Shari Albers
Denise Alden
Yusuf M. Ali
John Allison
Mary Alterman
Linda Andersen
William Anderson
Dale Gregory Anderson
Robert K. Anderson
Anita Anderson
Janet Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Margit Anderson
Kami Anez
Anonymous (113 givers)
Rebecca Ansari
Gretchen Anthony
Madelene Antrim
Reema Anwar
Kristin Appel
Cami Applequist
Bruce Ario
Bob Armstrong
John Armstrong
Peter Armstrong
Pamela Arnold
Jerry Ash
Susanne Aspley
Rondi Atkin
Annette Atkins
Blythe Atkinson
Ini Augustine
Tracy Babler
Barbara Bach
Linda Back McKay
Adam Backstrom
Beverly Bagelman
Joy Baker
Eric Balcerzak and Kara Garbe Balcerzak
Brian Balleria and Joan Bechtold
Mary Ballsrud
Scott Banas
Rosanne Bane and Claudia Bruber
Kay Banister Schaffer
Patricia Barone
Marie Barrese
Dave Barrett
Mel Barrett
Kelly Barrick
Patricia Barrier
Michelle Barringer
Margot Barry
Hanna Bartels
Carrie Bassett
Freddie Baudat
Patricia Bauer
David Baur
Dannah Baynton
Christopher Beal
Cara Beames
Heather Beatty
Sumayyah Beck
Eileen Beha
Emily Beise
Colleen Bell
Carol Bell
Karen Beltz
James Bennetts
Rebecca Benstead
Barbara Bentz
Emily Benz
Mary Berg
Roxanne Bergeron
Holly Bergstrom
Karin Bernal
Tracy Berneck
George Bernhardt
Dan Bernier
Brad Berrington
Bill Bertram
Mary Beth Kuderna
James Bettendorf
Jennifer Bicknell
H Biggins
Margie Binder
Regina Birchem
Bruce Bjork
Bert Black
Laura Blair Johnson
Teri Blair
Debra Blake
Shelia Bland
Micki Blenkush
Beth Blick
Faye Blough
Mary Bode
Barb Boekhoff
Kristin Boldon and George Fischer
Lisa M. Bolt Simons
Jim Bonilla
Joan Boone
James Borden
Susan Borden
Susan Boren
Judy Borger
Mayr Boros
Christine Bothun
Sandy Bot-Miller
Li Boyd
Ann Marie Boyle
John Boyt
Cindy Boyum
Virginia and Larry Bradford
Carolyn Bradley
Anita L. Bradshaw
Stephen Bragg
Jill Braithwaite
Sarah Brandel
Kirstin Ruth Bratt
Susan and Mark Brauer
Sally Bredehoft
Mary Brekke
Catherine Brennan
Judith Brenner
Tessa Bridal
Rachel Bridges
Mary Britton
Carl Brookins
Iris Brossard
Robert K. Brown
Ellen and Peter Brown
S. Brown
Robert Brown
Anna Brown
Angeline Brozovich
Philip and Carolyn Brunelle
Crystal Brutlag
Cathlene Buchholz
Anitra Budd
Emily Marie Buehler
Ute Buehler
Lisa Bullard
Julie Bunn
Jihan Burdah-Smith
Marc Burgett
Lisa Burke and Dan Gjelten
Adina Burke
Lee Burkhalter
William Burleson
Laura Burnes
Terri Burnor
Colleen Burns Durda
Regan Byrne Palmer
Patrick Cabello Hansel
Al and Georgia Cady
Linda Canfield
Kathleen Cantner
Kim Capel
Cynthia Carau
Gregg Carlsen
Amy Carlsen
Meg Carlsen
Joey Carlson
Janet Carlson
Maureen Carlson
Nancy Carlson
Kate Carlucci
Lydia Caros
Alan Carpenter
Betsy Carpenter
Jim Carroll
Corrine Carvalho
Charles Carver
Lynn Casale
Rusty Caschetta
Libby Casey Irwin
Dennis Cass
Louisa Castner and Beth Kilburg
Anne Castro
Margaret A. Catambay
Laura Cato
Mark Ceilley
Rita Chakrabarti
Carolyn Chalmers
Julie Champ
Jeff Chant
Deborah Chapdelaine
Paula Chapman
Miller Charitable Gift Fund
Shirley Chau-Zarecki
Yvonne Cheek
Susan Cheney
Ting Ting Cheng and Eric Larson
Fun Fun Cheng
Christopher Childs and Elizabeth Dickinson
Sally Childs
Susan Chisholm
Sharon Chmielarz
Tina Cho and Anna Min
Richard Choate
Steve Chollar
Jacey Choy
Nancy Christensen
Rachel Christensen
Amy Christensen-Bruce
Jennifer Christiansen
Cynthia Christine
Sharon Chur Lapensky
Ginger Church
Kolina Cicero
Gabrielle F Civil
Scott and Marilyn Clark
Norman Clark
Merodie Clark
Sarah Clark
Lorinda Clausen
Julie Clausen
Kitz Cleary
Beth Cleary
Kelli Clement
Sandra Clifford
Patrick Clifford
Sarah Clowes
Carol Cochran
Carolyn Cochrane
Linda Coffin
Stephen Cohen
Naomi Cohn
Kolawole Coker
Lee Colin Thomas
Sarah Colleran
Bridgit Colleran Albrecht
Charles Collins
Rebecca Collins
Claire Comstock-Gay
Seth Conover
Kei J. Constantinov, MFA
Will Conway
Linda Cook MacDonald
Sam Cook
Molly Cooney
Jeanne Cooney
Jane Copes
Delia Corrigan
Amanda Costello
Rose Costello
Timothy Costello
Beverly Cottman
Janet Court and James Livingston
Jeanne Cowan
Nancy Cox and Christopher Persaud-Cox
John Coy and Fiona McCrae
Lyn Cramer
Lauren Crandall
Mary Kay Crawford
Freddy Crawford
John Crea
Nancy Crochiere
Kirstin Cronn-Mills
Shevvi and Shon Crowley
Patricia Cumbie and Sean Doyle
Lucinda Cummings and Sam Segal
Lucinda Cummings
Tanner Curl and Emily Dussault
Ann Curoe
Diane Currie Richardson
Sarah Currier
Allyson Cygan
Carla Dahl
Urve Daigle
Stephanie Daily
Piyali Dalal
Adam Dale
Claudia Daly and Stan Kusonoki
John Danial
Tammy Darrah Wenberg
Santwana Dasgupta
Tom and Marianne Davis
Janette Davis
Anna Davis
Amy and Erik Davis
Beverly J. Davis
Catherine Davis
Rhea Davison
Thomas Dawn
Mel Day
Maggie Dayton
Ann Dayton
Eugénie de Rosier
Hans-Peter de Ruiter
Gary Deason
Terri DeGezelle
Catherine Dehdashti
P. Deinhart
Lynne Dekker
AB Dellinger, PhD
Jan DeNoble
Nima Desai
Heather Dewar Langner
Jacqueline Dexter
Elizabeth di Grazia
Ann Diesen
Carol Dines
Brooke Dirtzu
Norita Dittberner-Jax
Dara Dokas
Kristine Donatelle
John Donkor
Megan Donnelly
Suzanne Donsky and Chester Wilson
Linda Dorow
Mary Ann Dorsher and Sven Wehrwein
Rebecca Dosch Brown
Marshall Douglas
Layla Dowlatshahi and Christian Fitchett
Barbara Downey
Amanda Downs
Randa Downs
Phyllis Dozier
Brian Dressel
Annette Drewes
Terri Drimel
Thomas Dubbe
P.S. Duffy
Lynn Dufresne
Alice O. Duggan
Dennis Dupont
Brian Duren
Helen Duritsa
Matt DuToit
Angela Dvorak
Lou Dzierzak
Clover Earl
William Easter
Mary Moore Easter
Scott Eastman
Art Eaton
Scott Edelstein and Ariella Tilsen
Sharalyn Edgeburg
Sandra Edlund
Steven Ehlscheid
Laura Ehramjian
Doris Eichmeyer
Cherste Eidman
Susan Eilertsen
The Ekkers Family
Mary Ellen McCluskey
Mike Elliot
Elissa Elliott
Evita Ellis
Launa Ellison
Loretta Ellsworth
Anne Elstrom
M Sheridan Embser-Herbert
Joan Endres
Brad Engdahl
Kelly Engelhart
David Engen
Colleen Ennen
Joan Ennis
Mackenzie Epping
Cass Erickson
James Erickson
Kate Erion
Hope Esparolini
Joanne Esser
A Eurich
Nancy Eustis
Gary W. Evans
Chandra Evans
Jil Evans
Cecilia Evans
Mira Evans
Blanche Evridge
Roxanne Ezell
Anika Fajardo
Rachel Faldet
Magnetti Family
Wellmann Family
Meng Family
Davis Family
Phillip and Susan Fantle
Laura Fanucci
Robert Farah
Sarah Farley and Elizabeth J Tisel
Peter Farley
Michael Farnsworth
Lawrence F. Farrar
Jeanne Farrar
Anastasia Faunce
Kurtis Fechtmeyer
Cassandra Fenelon
Jill Breckenridge and John Fenn
Herbert Ferguson-Augustus
B.P. Fernald
Sherrie Fernandez-Williams
Shabana Feroz
Matt Ferrari
Lauren Fichtel
Diane Fiderlein
Sarah Fielding
Lita Fike
Kevin Finley
Maureen Fischer
Lucy Rose Fischer
Joan FitzGerald
Kristin Fitzsimmons
Sarah Fjellanger
Amy Fladeboe
Susan Flesch
Elizabeth Fletcher
Heather RJ Fletcher
Bert Flora
Gerald Foley
Patrick Foley
Monica Foley
Susan Follese
Seamus Folliard
Sarah Fort Kramer
Trudy Fortun
Laura Fortune
Marielle Foster
Angela Foster
Steve Fox
Polly Franchot
Janet Frank Atkinson
Marcia Franklin
Shirley Franklin
Mary Fransen
Sally Franson
Julia Franz
Lenore Franzen
Christine Fraser
Dawn Frederick
J. Fredericksen
Ann Fredrickson
Christian Fredrickson
Nathaniel Freeman
Angie Freshwater
Ned Froehlich
Rebecca Frost
Anna Frykman
A. E. Fuller
Janice Fuller
Margaret Fulton
Randall Funk
Greta Gaard
William Dana and Rachel Gabriel
Anja Nia Gabrile
Annette Gagliardi
Libby Gagnon
Mark and Kristin Gallagher
G. F. Gallagher
Jeanne Gallaher
Stacy Gallop
Sheyna Galyan
Noriko Gamblin
Michael Garberich
Mary Gardner
Lillie Gardner
Christi Garst-Santos
Sieglinde Gassman
Michele Gatien
Karen A. Gatson
Megan Gavin
Katy Gaynor
Gayle Geber
Quinten Geddes
Liam Geldner
Penny George
Miranda George
Angela George
Cynthia Gero-Moore
James and Teddy Gesell
Shannon Gibney
Alicia Gibson
Julie Gilbert
Theresa Gillette
Maggie Ginsberg
Suzanne Girardi
Melissa Gish
Lisa Gittens
Christina Glendenning
Catherine Glover
Bonnie Goldsmith
Angela Golinvaux
Isela Gomez
Heather Goodman and Paul Nelson
Elizabeth Goodman
Jeannie Goodspeed
Tai Goodwin
Jerome Gooley
Alyssa Goolsby Hunter
Avron Gordon
Valerie Gordon
David Goretski
Genna Gorman
Don Gorrie
Julie Gottesleben
Madeline Gouin
Jeffrey Gould
Susan Gower
Kara Graham
Donna Graham
Paula and Vince Granquist
Coralee Grebe
Georgia Greeley
D. E. Green
A.A. Greene
Mindy Greiling
Cary Griffith
Summer Grimes
Michael Grohs
Tina Gross and Juan Zuluaga
Catherine Grotenhuis
Suzan Grovender
Rachel Grubbs
JoAnn Guernsey
Judith Guest
Mary Gunderson
Jaime Gunn
Shalini Gupta
Larry Gust
Sid Guthrie
Ted Haaland
Caroline Haas
Corinne Hacht
Christine Hackney and Deb Redmond
Kathryn Haddad
Carla Hagen and LeRoy Sorenson
Amelia Hager
Carol Hake
Erin Halden
Caroline Hale-Coldwell
 Alex Haley and Carissa Tobin
Janis Hall
Ann Hall
Elizabeth Hallas-Muchow
Toni Halleen
Cindra Halm
Susan Halpern
Anne-Mette Halvorson
Merne Halweg
HUPS (Hamline University Poetry Slam)
Heather Hammond
Rebecca Hampton
Ned Hancock
Alvin Handelman and Carol Holly
Rachael Hanel
Anika Hanisch
Joanne Hansen
Julie Hansen-Bishhop
Nancy Hanway
Isabel Harding
Kate Harding
Paula Hari
Lisa Hario
John Harrington
Michael Harris
Sharon Harris
Tracy Harris
Margaret Hartman
Gail Hartman
B. Harvieux
Chris Haufschild
Elizabeth Haugen
Kalie Havener
Judy Hawkinson
Cara Hawkinson
Sarah Hayes
Russ Haywood
Russell Haywood
Rachel P. Hazel
Lance Hazzard
Penny Heaberlin
Emily Hedges
Brooke Heerwald Steiner
Lindsay Hefferan
Elizabeth Heinecke
Helen Heitz
Mary Heitzman
Lisa Heldke
Judith Helgen
Mike Henderson
Colnese M. Hendon
Kay Hendrikson
Timothy Hennum
Nancy Henrikson Sommers
Wendy Henry
Melissa Hepokoski
Karen Hering and David Hammond
Eugenides Hermes
Jennifer Hernandez
Heather Herrman
Jaclynn Herron
Deborah Hersey
Laurie Hertzel
Jacqueline Hesse
Jonathan Hiatt
V F Talbert Hickey and Meg McGuire
Gingi Hickey
Kali Higgins
Janet Higgins
Lisa Higgs
Nels Highberg
Sherri Hildebrandt
Frank D. Hill
Donald Hill
Jana Hiller
Carol Hinderlie
Michael Hines
Katie Hines
Stephanie Hipple
Elizabeth Hlavka
David Hodgson
Joel Hodroff
Ellen Hoerle
Julie Hoffer
Judy Hoffman
Carolyn Holbrook
Harriet Holland
Deidra Holland
Jon Holten
Lori Van Holmes
Marlys Honeyman
Edwin Hong
Mary Honstead
Scott Hoostal
Lousene Hoppe
Kate Hopper
John Horchner
Terry Horstman
Andy Horstman and Katy Perry
David Housewright
Jean Housh
JoAnn Hoven
Walter and Mary Hovey
Lisa Hsieh
Eric Hsu
Thomas Huberty
Eric Hucke
Donald Huffman
Tyra Hughes
Amy Humfleet
David Hunter
Nick Hupton
Carol Huss
Lori Hutchings
Michelle Hyatt
Beth Hynes-Ciernia
Jennifer Hyvonen
Rose Ireland
Heather Isaacs
Jeff Iseminger and Susan Taylor
Hilal Isler
Lorene Jabola
Kathleen Jackson
Nancy Jacobs
Lawrence Jacobs and Julie Schumacher
Libby Jacobs
Janet Jacobs
Jennifer Jacoby
Amber James
Linda Janni
Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew and Emily Jarrett Hughes
Laura Jeanne Jensen
Katja Jeanneret
Stephen Jelinek
Kelsey Jennen
Amy Jennings
Mimi Jennings
Victoria Jennings
Shelley Jensen
Kathryn Jensen
Jennifer Jensen
Katy Jensen
Rachel Jensen
Karen Jensen
Kyle Jensen
Shelley Jerige
Vaishali Jha
John Jodzio
Bruce Johansen
Arnie Johanson
Clair John Helgeland
Robert Johns
Mary Ann Johnson
Michael Johnson
Kurt Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson and Bob McGarry
Karin Johnson
Vivian Johnson and Mike Rivard
Lindsay Johnson
Michael Johnson
Cheri Johnson
Julie Johnson
Emily Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Joy Johnson
Jeff Johnson
Christopher Johnston
Andrea Johnston
Margaret Jones
Maggie Jones
Donald and Millie Jones
Chris Jones
Jennifer Jones
Carola Jones
Mary Jordan
Alex Juffer
Laurel Jung
Mary Junge and Mark Matasovsky
Julie Jurrjens
Steven Jutila
Art and Martha Kaemmer
Ken Kaffine
Phyllis Kahn
Patti Kameya
Emily Kampa
Tim Kane
Kim Kane
Rebecca Kane
Linda Kantner
Kristopher Kapphahn
Tina Karelson and John Risdall
Mary Karlsson
Patrick Karsten
Jon and Kim Katerba
James Kaufmann
Sharon Kauth
Alfred Kaye
Sharon Kaylen
Sharon Kaylen
John Kearney
Fred Keepers
Peter Keers
Monique Keffer
Michael L. Kelly
Debra Kelly
Megan Kelly
Joyce Kennedy
Judy Kerr
John Kess
Denise Kesselring
Marcus Kessler
Patti Kester
Kathleen Kimball-Baker
Emily King
Connie Kingrey Anderson
Ruth Kirkland
Patricia Kirkpatrick
Joy Klas
Michael Kleber-Diggs
Evelyn Klein
Andrew Kline
Pamela Klinger-Horn
Susan Klobuchar
Teresa Klotz
Larry Klueh
Teal Knapp
Mary Knutson
Rebecca Kobielush
Shoshana Koch
Carol Koepp
Matthew Koh
Sue Kohls Shetka
Jennifer Kohnhorst
R. K. Kones
Dee Kong
Susie Kopp
Kay Korsgaard
Todd Kortemeier
Caitlin Kortuem
Heather Koshiol
Jim Kosmo
Matthew Kotelnicki
Chris Koza
Cynthia Kraack
Lauri Kraft
Eleanor Krahn
Janna Krawczyk
Morris Krelitz
Nita Krevans
Tracy Krueger
Lynne Kuechle
Candy Kuehn
Duane Kullberg
Christopher and Ellen Kunz
Judith Kurtz
Jennifer Kusz
Kristine Kvamme
Cheryl Kyle
Marj Kyriopoulos
Kathryn Kysar
Rita LaDoux
Kellie Lager
Ellen Lager
Leslie Lagerstrom
Anne LaGrandeur
Jessica Laine Mork
Lynne Lampe
Kelly Lamphear-Dash
Jake Lancaster
Lee Landau
Brian Landon
Irna Landrum
Julie Landsman
Diane Lane
Erin Lane
Sarah Lang
Steven Lang
Jimmi Langemo
William and Ann Lanoue
Renee LaPlume
David LaRochelle
Sandra Larson
Lisa Larson
Victoria Larson
Pamela LaRue
L.E. LaRue
Betty LaSorella
Susan Latta
Cheryl Laurent and John Sokalski
Gabrielle Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
Jeff LeClere
Ed Bok Lee
Julayne Lee
Ricky Lee
Tina Lee and Henry Kent
Elizabeth Lee
Colene Lee
Erica Lee
Elisabeth Lee
Brian Leehan
Chuck and Mary Leer
Laura Leffler-McCabe
Jennifer LeGrand Reiter
Jamesine Leigh
Bronson Lemer
Leah Lemm
LaWayne Leno
Jack Francis Leonard Jr
Jim Levi
Lee Lewis
Cheryl Lewis
Jay Lichtsinn
Derek Liebertz
Kevin Lieder
Christine Lienke
Bonnie A. Lievan
John and Margy Ligon
Mary Lilja
Matthew Lilley
Christopher Lincoln
Laurie Lindeen
Barbara Lindgren
Augie Lindmark
John Link
Isaura Lira Greene
Arleta Little
Robert Lloyd
Roseann Lloyd and James Smith
Nancy Loewen
Vicki Lofquist
Amelia Lonnes-Spatola
Ann Lonstein
Sarah Lopusnikova
Susan Lorenz
Marie Loshbaugh
Don Losure
Susana Louise
Susana Louise
Avital Louria
Elmer Lovrien
Brianna Low
Isabel Ludcke
Isabel Ludcke
Lisa and Brian Lukis
Jody Lulich
Philip Lund
Jane Lundgren
Catherine Lundoff
Lisa Luo
Jeanne Lutz
Nicole Lynskey
L W MacGillivray
Cathy Madison and Rick Dublin
Brenda Magnetti
Tasslyn Magnusson
Thomas Mahoney
Linda Maki
Katharine Makosky
Chris Malecek
Brian Malloy and Terry Straub
Beth Malmberg
Darrell Maloney
Donna Malum
Angie Mandle
Freya Manfred and Tom Pope
Rickey Mantley
Kimara March
Maia Mares
Pamela Marie
Kari Marie White
Steven Markusen
Nicole Martens
Ruth Martin
Jayne Martin
Chris Martin
Sara Martin
Mary Martinez
Gayla Marty
Carol Masters
Krista Mathews
Marjorie Mathison Hance
Shoshanna Matney
Judith Mattison
Cori Mattli
Leslie Matton-Flynn
Sibley Mattson
Matt Mauch
Tracy Maurer
Daniel Maurer
William Mavity
Beth Mayer
Joan Maze
Shahzad Mazhar
Jill Mazullo
William McBean
Mary McBeth
Linda McBrayer
Rodger McBride
Laura McCabe
Susan McCarl
Susan McClanahan
Dennis McClelland
Lisa McClintick
Kitty McClintock and John Meeker
Keith McConnel
Marcia McCormick
J. Elaine McCracken
Kristina McCubrey
Lindsey McDivitt
Amee McDonald
Lynda McDonnell
Joey McGarvey
Alison and Doug McGhee
Jody McGinley
Kayla McGrady
Patricia McIlvenna
Brian McKay
Eric Mckendry
Bruce McKendry
Nicole McKenzie
Ann McKinley
Mary McLeod
Sarah McNamara
Larkin McPhee Perese
Steve McPherson
Meggan McQuillan
Mindy Mejia
Larry Mellman
Marilyn Mellor
Rita Marie Mendez
Rebecca Menken
Carrie Mesrobian
Jerry Mevissen
Jason and Jody Meyer
Margaret Meyer
Roberta Meyers and Abigail Miranda
Elizabeth Meyers
Louise Meyerson
Myrna Mibus
Mary Midthun
Linda Mielke
Kasey Miklik
Susan Mikutowski
Mary Ann Miller
Kate Miller
Alan Miller
Michele Miller
Drew Miller
Mollie Miller
Kimberly Miller
Diane and Mark Millis
John Minczeski
Liz Minette
Jennifer Minter Dickey
Lia Mitchell
Mark Moberly
Rita and Richard Moe
Joshua Moehling
Melissa Moehrl
MaryAnn Moenck
Barbara Moffett
Tami Mohamed Brown
Kowsar Mohamud
Carrie Monroe O'Keefe
Nicole Montana
Cynthia Montana
Carlo Montgomery
Cheri Moon
Yvonne Moore
Mary Carroll Moore
Tim Moore and Erin Sim
Cindy Morgan
William Morgan
Linda Morganstein
Rachel Moritz
Linda Morrison
John Morrissey and Meghan Pipe
Alison Morse
Ann Morse
Alaina Moseng
Tami Moyer
Julie Muehlberg
Mary Mueller
Shane Mueller
Casondra Mulenburg
Lewis Mundt
Tunie Munson-Benson
David Mura
Nora Murphy
Jennifer Murray
Colleen Muske
Clem and Elizabeth Nagel
James Najarian
Srinivasan Namkkal
Neela Nandyal
Susan B. Narayan
E. and E. Nathan
Rosemarie Ndupuechi
Janine Nelson
Kate Nelson
Kathryn L. Nelson
Clareyse Nelson
Sarah Nelson
Darby Nelson
Melynda Nelson
Eric Nelson
Joan Nelson-Bushman
William Nemmers
Ann Nerland
Alyssa Ness
Stefanie Nett
Barbara A Neubert
Christie Neuger
Mike Neuharth
Elizabeth Newberry
Beth Newkirk
Margaret Newman
Betsy Nicchetta
Megan Nicholas
Sandra Nicholson
Jenn Nienaber
Spencer Nierenhausen
Lisa Nilles
Erik Norbie
Joni Norby
Andrew Cholakian and Jessica Nordell
Kat Nordhaus
Kathleen Nordstrom
Willie Nour
Laska Nygaard
Paul Nylander
JoLein O'Brien
Shannon O'Brien
Kerin and Patrick O'Connor
Maggie O'Connor and Linda Ridlehuber
Christine O'Connor
Brigid O'Connor
Erin O'Daniel
Al Oertwig
Jerald R. Lee and Donald Ofstedal
Valerie Ohanian
Dixie Ohlander
Scott Oine
Elizabeth Olds
Nanci Olesen
Marie Olofsdotter
Kristen Olsen
Alisha Olsen
Cheryl Olseth
Kristine Olson
Mark Olson
Gil Olson
Sarah Olson
Sonja Olson
Matthew Olson
Anne O'Meara
Gordon Ommen
Tyler Omoth
Nneka Onwuzurike
Michael Opperman
Laura Opsal
Lee Orcutt
Jane O'Reilly
Laura Ormaza
Robbie Orr
Elizabeth Osterholm
Patty Ostrem
Cassandra Osvatics
Timothy Otte
Lon Otto
Bonnie Overcott
Anne Pabst
Beth Pacunas
Amy Padden
Joe and Nancy Paddock
Karen Painter
Debra Palmquist
Scarlett Pang H. Yang
Charmaine Pappas Donovan
Lizabeth Parendo
Kate Parry
Kurt Partridge
Justin Passaro
Susan Pastika
David Pates
Priscilla Paton
Maggie Patrick
Victoria Patschke
Mary Pattock
Yvonne Pearson
Peter and Kari Pearson
Marcia Peck
Diane Pecoraro
Angie Pederson
Mary Jo Pehl
Margaret Peltier
Amie Penny Sayler
Paul Perea
Roseanne Pereira
Naomi Perman
Alan Perry
Gary Peter
Kathleen Peterson
David W. Peterson
Forrest Peterson
Heather Petri
Kathleen Pettit
Margaret Pfeffer
Carl Pheil
Bao Phi
Danielle Philippi
Lisa Ann Pierce
Katie Pierson
Laura Pigott
Cristina Pippa
Ross Plovnick
Rachel E. Pollock
Carrie Pomeroy
Judy Popham
Sean Popham
Mary Jean Port
The Possibologist
Janice Post-White
Vijay Pothapragada
Sandra Potter
Joan Potter
Mary Power
Nylce Prada Myers
Chris Prather
Cindy Pratt
R. J. Prawdzik
Jana and Charles Preble
Sharon Preves and Nicodemus Taranovsky
Apryl Price
Matthew Prise
Brenna Proczko
Michele Provo
Val Pugsley-Tischler
Martha Purcell
Grant Pylkas
Charlie Quimby
Sarah Quimby
Jennifer Quinlan
Ann and Kevin Quiring
Bill Quist
Diana Raabe
J.D. Radke
Nancy Raeburn
Dr. Ralph Peralez
Kaitlin Randolph
Stephanie Ratanas
Katharine Rauk
Dina Rauker
Adam Rautio
Erica Ravi
Danielle Rawls
Megan Ray Durkin
LaDonna Redmond
Renee R. Reed
Ann Regan
Jason Rehmus
Jason Rehmus
Karl Reichert
Catharine C. Reid
Catherine Reid Day
Lynette Reini-Grandell
Erick Reinikka
Maerin Renee
Naomi Rettke
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Nancy and Kevin Rhein
Pat Rhoades
Patrick Rhone
Johanna Rian
Melanie Richards
Mark Richardson
Rita Richardson
Linda Riegger
Paige Riehl
Joy Riggs
Darby Ringer
Mary Ringstad
Mary Riordan
Debra Ripp
Leslie Ritchie
Christine Rittmann
Lia Rivamonte
Martha Roberts
Nancy Robinson
Michael Robinson
Carolyn Roby
Naomi Rockler
Jolene Roehlkepartain
Cindy Roesel
Christine Rogers
Lisa Rogers
John Rogers
Joan Rojas
Laura Flynn and Mike Rollin
Kristi Romo
Bonnie Ronning
Charleen Rons
Theresa Roos
Carol Ropella
Maery Rose
Steven Rosenbloom
Gail Rae Rosenblum
Hayley Rosenfield
Natalie Rosinsky and Don Larsson
Susan Ross
Susan Rossi
Laurie Rossin
Pierce Rowley
Lindagail and Randy Roy
Errol Rubenstein
Carol Rucks
Barbara Rudnicki
Mary Kay Rummel
Susan Runholt
Michele Rusinko
Matt Rydeen
Candace Sabers
Kim Sabow
Lin Salisbury
Donna Salli
Carol-Linnea Salmon
Ingrid Sampo
Mark Samuelson
Abbey Sanborn
Angele Sancho Passe
Karen Sandberg
Tom Sanders
Marcia Sanders
Charles Sanderson
Ryan Sanderson
Sarah Sandhu
Ashley Sandlin
Brian Satrom
Jerry Sattinger
Kathryn Savage
Merry Sawdey
Kurtis Scaletta
Skyler Schad
Elise Schadauer
Katie Schaefer and Daniel Schuna
Pat Schaffer
Paul Schatz
Rachel Schenk
Annette Schiebout
Tom Schierholz
Mary Schirber
Dorothy Schlesselman
Barb Schlichting
Pat Schmatz
Pamela Schmid
Charles Schmidt
Lynn Schmitt
Carrie Schneider
Louis Schoen
Deb Schubbe
Barbara J. Schue
Daniel Schultz
Darci Schummer
Alicia Schwab
Kaethe Schwehn
Molly Schweinfurter
Amy Scott
Anne Scott
Newell Searle
Gail See
Mary Seifert
Maddy Selcke
Sakki Selznick
Victoria Serreno
Kelly Setterholm
Melissa Severance
Jacqueline Shaefer
Angela Shannon
Janet Shannon
Linda Shapiro
Sonja Sharp
Ames Sheldon
Chavonn and Zhenhao Shen
TiArra Shepherd
Cynthia Sherar
Courtney M Shey
Jeanne Shields
Hadiya Shire
Amanda Shopa
Scott and Carolyn Shrewsbury
Ellen Shriner
Tricia Sibley
Surya Siddavatam
Tracy Sides
James Siepker
Greta Sikorski
Beth Silverwater - Greenberg and Silverwater Fund
Steve Simmons
Jane Simon
Chad Simons
Claire Simonson
Dave Simpkins
Gary Simpson
Stacy Simpson
Liz Sjaastad
Mary Skillings
Lynn Slifer
Ruth Sloven
Erin Smith
Matthew Smith
Pamela J. Smith
Thomas R. Smith
Jill Smith
Rachel Smoka-Richardson
Aggie Smolecki
Robin Smothers
Liz Snider-Lotz
Sharon Soderlund
Carolyn Solares
Samantha Solberg
Jay Soli
Barb Solyst
Nora Somers
Brad Shark and Don Sommers
Kristen Spargo
Emily Sparling
Annette Spencer
Katie Spielberger
Madelon Sprengnether
Mike Spry
Catherine Squires
Mary Grace St. Claire
Mary Stadick
Rosanna Staffa
Denise Stahura
Chia Stallings
Tammy Lee Stanoch
Therese Stanton
Constance Stanton
Kerry Stapley
Lisa Stearns Smith
Anne Stechmann
Charlotte Steen
Susan Steger Welsh
Mary Stein
Barbara Steinberg
Caren Stelson
Francine Sterle
Gordon C. Stewart
Claire Stewart
Norton Stillman
Elizabeth Stiras
Richard and Phyllis Stokke
Terral Stoltz
Susan Stone
Debra Stone
Carol Stone
Amber D. Stoner
Nikki Storebo
Karen Storm
Julie Strand
Patricia Strandness
Rebecca Streeter
Eileen Strejc
Lindsey Strickler
Sarah Strong
Sandra Stryker
Susan Stuart
Mary Sturzl
Reinhardt Suarez
Faith and Daniel Sullivan
Charlotte Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan
Hawona Sullivan Janzen
Graham Sutherland
Joyce Sutphen
Molly Sutton Kiefer
Todd Svanoe
Stan Sveen
Roxane Svoboda
Dale Swanson
Vicky Swedenburg
Kathy Sweetman
Andrea Swensson
Jennifer Swick
Michael Swirnoff
Carolyn Swiszcz
Mae Sylvester
Lori Syverson
Charity Tahmaseb
Vivien Talghader
Sahar Taman
Sandy Tanck
Susan Tapp
Holly Tappen
Sarah Tasz
Cher Tate
Manfred Tatzmann
Anjum Tayabee
Susan Taylor
Jean Taylor
Mark Teats
Terrie TenEyck
Jennifer Terbeest
Eva Terrell
Susan P. Thomas
Alison Thomas
Drew Thomes
Maggie Thompson
Fredrika Thompson
Mary Thompson
Misty Thompson
Michelle Thompson
Jean Thomson
Jodell Thorsett
Dexter Thue
Quinn Tierney
Sheryl L. Tillson
Tavia Tindall
Liz Toombs
Emma Törzs
Beth Toso
Marcia Townley
Stella Townsend
TJ Toyen
Jonathon Travis
Marcus Trevathan
Stanley Trollip
Jacquie Trudeau
Paul and Judith Trump
Donna Trump
Walter, Sandra, Evan, and Lavender Truong
Judi Tsudo
Ann C. Tucker
Paul Tuckner
Bill Tuomala
Zayne Turner
Britt Udesen
Bill Upjohn
Catherine Urdahl
John and Mary Ursu
Eric Utne
Madame Valerie Deus
Jude Vales
Connie Van Hoven
Jeminah Van Handel
Michelle Van Engen
Michelle van Kujik and Arnout van Kuijk
Annie Vande Zande
Linda Varvel
Melanie Vasterling
Christopher Vaughan
John Velie
Shirley Venard-Diercks
Joan Marie Verba
The Verbrugge Family
Elizabeth Verdick
Camille Verzal
Melissa Vevea
Doug Victoria
Mary Vik
Rachel Vilsack
Candy Vittorini
Jacqueline Vlietstra
Elaine Voboril
Geraldine Voci
Daniel F. Vogel
Alice Vollmar
Thomas Vonhof
Amy Votava
Kathy Wackman
Amy Wagener
Joanna Waggoner-Norquest
David and Kathy Waldschmidt
Margaret Walker
Sabrina Walker
Diane Wallace-Reid
Colleen Walsh
Mary Walus
Stella Wan
Toy Ward
Jerald Ward
Katie Ware
Kathryn Warneke
Sarah Warren
Alan Warren
Beatrice Wartchow
Kate Wasylik
Kate Wasylik
Andrew Watt
Roger Watts
Carol Watzke
Zilla Way
Launcelot Weber
Jessica Webster
Jason Weidemann
Susan Weinberg
Miriam Weinstein
Jared Wells
Edward Welsch
Kay Welsch
Ann Wendel
Kathleen G. Wenger
Anthony Wentersdorf
Jackie Werket
Patrick Werle
Lisa Wersal
Erin West
Kathleen West
Kathryn Westbrook
Penny Westfall
Kelly Westhoff
Judith Weyl
Jillian Wheeler
David Whitaker
Linda White
Charles White
Clarence White
Denise White
Collier White
Teresa White
Anita White
Thomas Whitesel
Nancy Whitley
Mariah Whurr
Monica Wiant
Marika Wiard-Bauer
Lucy Wick
Jessica Wicks
Olivia Wickstrom
Jude Wiesner
Anne Wilbur
Troy E. Wilderson
Barb Wildes
Charlotte Wiley
Frank Wilkinson
Jennifer Will
Denise E. Williams
Jacqueline Williams
Cole W Williams
Mary P Williams
Carolyn Williams-Noren
Lani Willis
Morgan Grayce Willow
Ralph Winkelmeyer
Anne Winkler-Morey
Mary Winstead
Margaret Wirth-Johnson
Mari Wittenbreer
Jennifer Wittkopf
Amy Wodarski
Amy Wolf
Katherine Wolf
Susan Wolter
Stanton Wood
Stanton Wood
Ann Woodbeck
Joan Woods-Rashid
Melissa Wray
Will Wright
Virginia Wright-Peterson
Rebecca Wurtz
Nancy Wurtzel
Stephanie Xenos
Matt Yager
Cinda Yager
Elaine Yorkgitis
Abbie L. Young
Vicki Young
Sun Yung Shin
Virginia Zachmann
David Zander
Kathy Zappa
Mandy Zechmeister
Valorie Zeien
Joseph P. Zeigler
Barbara Zeller
Shante Zenith
Anne Zerby
Tingting Zhu
Carita Zimmerman
Lynne Zotalis

In Honor and In Memorial Of Gifts

Patty Ostrem, in memory of Peggy Arnett
Jean Housh, in honor of Faith Sullivan
Jean Allan Ales, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Jill Applegate, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Darla Baker, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Margaret Biceck, in memory of Phebe Hanson
James Wilcox Dimmers, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Helen Heitz, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Janet Kenney, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Ann Mohler, in memory of Phebe Hanson
Anonymous, in honor of Jaimie Eubanks
Anonymous, in honor of M. Roberti
Theresa May, in honor of Erin Smith
John Vick Jr. and Patricia Vick, in memory of John Vick
Lisa Ann Pierce, in honor of the courageous anti-racist Loft staff
Daniel Maurer in memory of Nathan from Portland