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Loft Advertising

The Loft speaks to writers and readers...your message will too!

The Loft Literary Center, one of the nation’s leading literary centers, serves writers and readers in Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, and beyond. The Loft is the first place dedicated area writers and readers look to for information about literary events, writing classes, editing services, competitions, grants, and anything else that may enrich their literary lives or advance their careers.

Take advantage of the Loft’s engaged and active constituency by advertising your publication, organization, or event on the Loft website or in Loft class publications.

Print Display Advertising (Loft Info Publication and Loft Conference Brochures):

Display ads may be placed in the Loft's quarterly info publications. Each info publication reaches more than 12,000 writers and readers. Distribution is particularly strong among accomplished and aspiring writers in the greater Twin Cities metro area.

The Loft Quarterly is published four times per year, covering the following dates:

  • Jan–Apr (winter/spring): ad reservation deadline is September 15
  • Jun-Aug (summer): ad reservation deadline is March 15
  • Sep-Dec (fall): ad reservation deadlines is June 15

Ads maybe reserved in three horizontal sizes and space is limited. The specs and pricing are as follows.

  • Full page ad (4.75"w x 8.25"h) at $1800 (catalog)
  • 1/2 page ad (4.75"w x 4.25" h) at $950 (catalog)

There is a 20% discount for frequency buys of 3 or more.

Camera-ready hard copy or electronic files are acceptable (4 color process). Electronic files may be submitted in PDF, EPS, PSD, or packaged InDesign file format. They may be sent via email (if size allows) or we can arrange to FTP the ads. If you need layout/design assistance, please add 20 percent to the ad price plus five extra working days.

Please contact Chris Jones at 612-215-2589 or to place your reservation or to discuss frequency discounts.

Online Display Advertising (Loft Website):

Online Display Ads are placed to appear on all pages of the Loft website. Contact Chris Jones at 612-215-2589 or to place your ad. 

These online ads rotate with up to four ads every time a new page is viewed. Sponsorship costs $150 per month. The Loft site receives more than 85,000+ page views from 20,000+ unique visitors per month. There is a 20% discount for annual ad buys.

Files should be 72 dpi, GIF or JPG format, may use GIF animation (maximum of 15 seconds), 70 k max file size and be 250px by 250px.

Enewsletter (Loft Enews):

The Loft enewsletter comes out twice a month and is sent to more than 14,000 people. Our open and click rates far exceed industry averages. 

Each issue can have one exclusive sponsor which places a 580x80 pixel ad at the top of each issue. Enewsletter sponsorship costs $395 per issue. A 20% frequency discount is available for four issues or more.

Contact Chris Jones at 612-215-2589 or with questions.

Files should be 72 dpi, GIF or JPG format, may use GIF animation (maximum of 15 seconds, will only work in email systems that support this function), 70 k max file size and be 580px by 80px.